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When pigs fly...

A Tail of Piggles is the fifth dungeon of Super Hostile Online, an MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs.


A Tail of Piggles is the second dungeon in a set dedicated to Infernal Sky II, and is based off of the Cloud Nine area of the map. The area is dotted with dozens of clouds, many of which have giant winged pigs upon them. The player can go from cloud to cloud by stepping on a series of pressure plates which grant levitation. To assist with this, the player is given a red carpet with the Knockback Resistance attribute, which prevents them from being pushed around by arrows, melee attacks or creeper blasts. The carpet must be in the players' inventory before trying to warp to the next dungeon. Failure to have the carpet will result in the warp not working, and thus the player will have to suicide in lava and start over.

Points of Interest


  • +1 Knockback Resistance Flying Carpet


  • Capped Mob Spawns
  • Lava below the clouds

Leads to...

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