Abandoned Dormitory
The entrance to the Abandoned Dormitory, located in the Upper Mines.






Lower Mines

The Abandoned Dormitory is the White Wool Dungeon of Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dormitory is located in the Upper Mines, close to the first Interesection. The dormitory is composed of sandstone corridors with holes caused by a rogue lava issue. The corridors lead to small rooms with wooden floors and bookshelves, which are infested with cave spiders and Flamevenom Spiders . The Fleecy Box is located in one of the bigger rooms in the back of the dormitory.

Points of Interest


The "Fleecy Box", along with a few FlameVenom spiders.


  • White Wool


  • 6 random loot chests
  • A hidden chest containing Nether Quartz, 4 iron swords, and Smite V and Fire Aspect II enchanted books



  • Cave Spider spawners
  • Flamevenom Spider spawners - one exposed in the fleecy box room, and another encased in bedrock further back.


Ep02b Inferno Mines Dev Com (Abandoned Dormitories - White Wool)59:07

Ep02b Inferno Mines Dev Com (Abandoned Dormitories - White Wool)

Vechs in Abandoned Dormitory

As you enter the Dormitories, you will walk down a long hallway leading to a lavafall, a door to a room containing random loot, and a hallway leading to more rooms. One should not stay here longer than necessary, as there is a Cave Spider spawner nearby. Turn right and head down the hallway. FlameVenom spiders will start to spawn, if they have not already. Enter the first door on the left and light up the room. Be cautious, as there is a FlameVenom spawner in the room. One of the spawners is encased in bedrock, so it is impossible to destroy. Break the glass, and retrieve the wool.

Leads to...


  • To prevent the player from destroying the only sources of Flamevenom Spider drops (Chipped/Perfect FlameVenom Fang, FlameVenom Chitin, XP, Scales, etc.) one of the spawners is encased in bedrock.
  • In earlier (unreleased) beta versions of the map, this area was hellishly difficult, containing large quantities of hidden cave spider and creeper spawners. A cake can be found just outside the front door, in tribute to the brave beta testers who faced it: Amlup, Zisteau, and Rosie.

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