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Alpha Expedition

Alpha and Bravo Expeditions is a small dungeon in Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs.


Alpha and Bravo Expeditions were teams sent to explore the island jungle that Canopy Carnage takes place on. Both teams set up base next to each other in the tree tops. Bravo team went insane, and the last surviving member of Alpha team evacuated to Dig Site One, and left a warning for Charlie team.

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The warning to Charlie Expedition

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Magenta Wool


  • A chest containing a diamond sword, a diamond shovel, two diamonds, arrows and other assorted items
    2015-08-01 20.13.29

    Bravo Expedition

  • A chest containing cobblestone, gold, eggs, cookies, mushrooms and other assorted items
  • A chest containing a diamond chest plate, diamond boots, planks, books, paper and sugar cane


  • The magenta wool is guarded by a single skeleton spawner


  • The pathway is made of wooden slabs, eliminating the risk of spawns, but watch your step!

Leads to...

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