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Amanita Cavern

Amanita Cavern is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Amanita Cavern is one of the starting areas of Inferno Mines, this one is reached from Skylight B. This area is a good source of food, so the player can keep their regeneration up, but have less wood and bad equipment. The cavern is home to Mooshrooms, which can be killed with Flame Bringer for cooked steak. There is also a building called the Farm Dormitory, where the player can get basic equipment and a small amount of wood. There is a small ledge on the far corner of the mushroom area that contains an anvil, and a cavern partially buried under the floor that contains coal.

Points of Interest


  • Mooshrooms
  • Coal
  • Mushrooms
  • Anvil


You can get wood on the floor inside the Farm Dormitory.


The coal cavern's origin was an accident Vechs made when creating the area. There are numerous "honeypots" (dark rooms to reduce the density of natural spawns in player-accessible areas) nearby, and one of them cut into Amanita Cavern's sand floor, and while Vechs was making changes to the area using Creative mode in-game, an Enderman moved a block and caused the floor to collapse into the honeypot; rather than re-seal it, he decided to "roll with it" and add some resources to it.

Leads to...

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