250px-Aureylian Vlog


Aureylian is a Let's Player of Super Hostile, as well as Minecraft in general.


Aureylian began Super Hostile maps in a collaboration of Sunburn Islands with Vechs as Team Adorabolical. In this series, they used a twist called "Shielded UHC" (regeneration off with an absorption shield refreshing every so often) to test how well a new player would do with the different mode. Aureylian finished with 5 deaths, and Vechs had 2, not including the glitch death. Her next map is Waking Up, and is also a collaberation with Vechs, but without Shielded UHC. Aureylian is also a Mindcracker, as is Vechs. Aureylian has yet to have anything dedicated to her, as she has only recently been doing Super Hostile maps and collaborating with Vechs. Aureylian is also a staff member of Twitch, and livestreamed every moment of her Sunburn Islands LP. She owns one 5 year old daughter known only as "Boo" but does not share any details about her for her safety. 

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