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Balestein Castle

Balestein Castle is the Yellow, Purple, and Black Wool Dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Balestein Castle is a massive structure made entirely out of stone bricks. The entrance is a bridge over the void. There are too many rooms to list here, but there are balconies, bedrooms, kitchens,libraries and even a throne room. Many rooms have spawners for mobs such as skeletons or blazes. The throne room has 4 diamond blocks, the only diamond in the map. The top room is the master bedroom, where the black wool is located.

Points of Interest


  • Yellow Wool
  • Purple Wool
  • Black Wool
  • Block of Iron
  • Block of Diamond


  • Iron
  • Diamond


  • A chest in the kitchen containing food and seeds.
  • A chest outside the kitchen with wood, food, red dye (for some abstract reason) and a crafting table.
  • A double chest containg Stone Tools and Food - Low and the typical 'Supplies' chest found all over the map
  • A golden apple
  • Gold Armor
  • Combat Supplies - Medium
  • A chest containing gold tools, as well as at least one of each diamond tool - Sword included
  • A chest containg a huge amount of supplies such as three sets of iron armor, 6 iron swords, 3 bows, 3 iron picks, 6 full stacks of arrows, 6 clocks and compasses and 12 stacks of leather


  • Many Blaze spawners
  • Creeper spawner... in the yellow wool fleecy box.
  • Skeleton spawners
  • The bridge to the combat supplies -Made of iron bars
  • Ghast spawners on the roof


Go to the castle and collect all the chests, advancing room by room and exploring all of them, and destroying all the spawner.

Leads to...

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