The Black Desert
Black Desert
The Black Desert

Map Type

Open World

Respawn Rules



Not Rated






Black Desert used to be the fifth Super Hostile map made by Vechs. It was replaced by Black Desert II which takes place in similar environment but is much more modern. Black Desert is a very old map (made in Beta versions of Minecraft) and because of that some of the mechanics used in it won't work anymore and the map can be unstable.


Black Desert takes place on a desert island surrounded by a lava sea, with a giant cave beneath the island. It was probably named because of the riddled obsidian ceiling which makes almost the map dark even during the day. It's an Open World map type with easy respawn rules.


  • Starting Shelter
  • The Desert
  • Underground Tunnels
  • Spider Ruins
  • Victory Monument
  • The Great Cave
  • Crypt of the Forgotten Royals
  • Grassy Intersection
  • The Wall
  • The Colonnade
  • The Fortress
(Note: only Grassy Intersection and Crypt of the Forgotten Royals are officialy named)


  • Remove the TNT from the starting shelter before nightfall or else a Creeper may blow it up, setting off a chain reaction that would destroy the spawn point
  • Remove the Fun Boxes next to the shelter before nightfall to keep your base relatively safe even during the night; A chest with stone tools can be found not far from spawn with which to do this

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