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Black Heart Citadel

Black Heart Citadel is the Red and Black Wool dungeon of Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs.


Black Heart Citadel is a large fortress on an island in a lava sea. The dungeon begins in a peaceful room, with bookshelves and a fountain. After crossing the corridor and avoiding a trap (pistons to drop the player into lava, and a "Davion Ambush Cannon Mk 1" if they manage to avoid it), the dungeon really begins. The entrance is a long bridge over to the island, which has safety railings so players don't fall into the lava. Inside the fort, there are ghast spawners above ender crystals. These can be removed by shooting the crystal. There is a tower, from which skeletons are spawning. High above the citadel is a bridge of obsidian forming the shape of a heart, hence the dungeon's name. This is where the black wool is located. The Red Wool is located in the basement of the tower that connects to the bridge. In the basement, the entire floor is made of bedrock. This is so low down, bedrock fog occurs.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool
  • Black Wool



  • Diamond Ore above the black heart, guarded by ghast spawners and proximity bombs


  • The corridor with the fake diamond armor chest has a trap, which will pull players into lava using a proximity detector.
  • Many ghasts spawners above ender crystals.
  • Skeleton spawners
  • Mob-Controlled Dispensers
  • Blaze spawners
  • Creeper spawners


Leads to...

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