The Blackened Archive
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The Vexian Gallery


Zistonian Battlecry

The Blackened Archive is the Green Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Blackened Archive begins with a giant set of bookshelves that hang over the void. This part is very similar to The Blackened Library from Spellbound Caves. These bookshelves need to be climbed in order to reach the main library, so the player needs to find a ladder or stairway on each level. Each ladder goes up by multiple floors. This section is home to Wraiths, which can knock the player off of the bookshelves onto lower ones or even into the void. After reaching the top, the player has access to the main library. This section has very high bookshelves stretching all the way to the glowstone roof. This section is where Chars are encountered. At the opposite side of the library from the entrance is the Fleecy Mob's lair. Inside is the Green Wool boss, with Vexian Witches, Boomers and Player Assassins.

Fleecy Mob

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Green Wool Fleecy Mob

The Fleecy Mob here is decked out in enchanted diamond armor and wears the wool on its head. This mob drops:
  • Power II, Flame II, Punch II Bow
  • Unbreaking III Protection III Thorns III Diamond Boots
  • Unbreaking III Protection III Thorns III Diamond Leggings
  • Unbreaking III Protection III Thorns III Diamond Chestplate
  • Thorns I Green Wool

Points of Interest

Ep25 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Blackened Archive - Flames Over the Void)23:48

Ep25 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Blackened Archive - Flames Over the Void)

Vechs in Blackened Archive


  • Green Wool


  • Unbreaking Books
  • Flint and Steel x10


  • Tons of books
  • 7 diamond blocks hidden under the lava next to the Flint and Steel chest


  • The void under the archives and boss arena.
  • Wraiths in the first section
  • Chars in the second section
  • Boomers in the boss room
  • Vexian Witches in the main library and boss room
  • Player Assassins in the boss room
  • Green Wool Fleecy Mob


  • The bookcases made of (darker) Spruce wood contain the Wraith spawners. As a bonus, the spawners have TNT immediately above them, so if you use a Flint and Steel to set the bookcases on fire, they will ignite the TNT and destroy the spawners for you.
  • Stay toward the center of the Fleecy Mob boss room. This helps to ensure that Boomers do not spawn.
  • Fire resistance potions are very helpful against the Chars.

Leads to...

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