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The Blue Wool Zombie Pigman

The Blue Wool Zombie Pigman is a Fleecy Mob in Black Desert II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Blue Wool Zombie Pigmen are located far out in the map, beyond the obsidian portion of the desert. They spawn inside a giant moss stone brick fortress, which is guarded by numerous Ghast turrets. The bridge leading to the fortress is also guarded by a Blaze spawner. These Fleecy Mobs are remarkably dangerous. While it would be difficult enough to kill only one, they will swarm the player if one of them is hit. Their numbers combined with their strength makes them a poignant threat.

Mob Analysis

Equipment and Loot

  • Blue Wool
  • Iron chest plate, leggings and boots
  • Sharpness II Knockback IV bookshelf


  • Focus on disabling the Ghast turrets before fighting a Pigman, as the Ghasts will only serve as a distraction
  • Try building an enclosure to lure a Pigman in to, and kill it once it's isolated; It is key to avoid fighting a large group of Pigmen, as they will be too strong for the player to escape

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