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Boar Badlands is an area in Pigget Panic, a Hostile Trails map by Vechs.


Boar Badlands is a stony area that acts as the middle point of the map. On one side is the Swine Forest, and on the other side is the Victory Pen. The side that hugs the Swine Forest has sandy areas with cactus and even dead shrubs, while the opposite side leads to a medium sized ocean of lava. The whole area is full of all kinds of ores, as well as lava streams and pools. It is covered in a bedrock ceiling, meaning mobs spawn here at all times.

Points of Interest



  • Vast amounts of stone and lava
  • Plentiful amounts of coal, iron, lapis lazuli, redstone and diamond
  • Sand and cactus


  • Natural spawns
  • Blaze spawners
  • Cave spider spawner
  • Lava

Leads to...

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