Canopy Basic
2015-07-28 15.49.50
Canopy Basic

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Open World

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Hills of Moo

Canopy Basic is the second installment of the Super Docile series, a CTM series by Vechs. Like Hills of Moo, it is a free-form survival map, and it was made so people could appreciate the terrain of the now scrapped Canopy Carnage II before it became a full blown Super Hostile map.


Canopy Basic was made using the jungle trees added in Minecraft 1.1, and has impressive scenic hills and great caverns beneath the surface. It has a Victory Monument with some special loot, and a single dungeon not too far from spawn. The dungeon contains several random loot chests, as well as a chest in a Lapis Lazuli Fleecy Box that is filled with farming supplies. Since Canopy Carnage II has been scrapped, it is likely a map of this kind will never be made again.


  • Moss Stone Dungeon (Unnamed)
    2015-07-28 16.06.37

    The entrance to the only dungeon in the map


  • Victory Monument

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