Canopy Carnage
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Canopy Carnage

Map Type

Open World

Respawn Rules



Not Rated




Beta 1.7.3


Canopy Carnage is the former sixth installment of Super Hostile, a CTM map series by Vechs. It was scheduled for a complete remake, which has long since been cancelled.


Canopy Carnage takes place on a very large, square island in a dense, flat forest with many ruins in it. The player spawns next to a broken nether portal high up in the trees. The ground is full of trees, sugar canes, wheat, cacti and pumpkins. The player can explore the entire island and the sea surrounding it. Because this map is so old, the wind directions given at the start of the map are no longer correct. All wind directions on this page will follow the official minecraft wind directions, instead of the ones found in the map.


Note: The names of these areas are conjectural


Note: Only Alpha and Bravo Expeditions and Dig Site #1 are officially named


  • The cyan wool can be found on the Jungle floor at 334, 58
  • The black wool is hidden on top of a tree at -162, 515


  • This map used to be scheduled for a remake, and a preview of the map called Canopy Basic was released to showcase the new terrain

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