Capture the Wool
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Fields of Glory


4-6 Players




Beta 1.8.1


Capture the Wool is a multiplayer CTM map type created by Vechs, where two opposing teams raid each others' castles in an attempt to retrieve their team's wool from the enemy and place it on their Victory Monument. So far, only one map of this type has been made by Vechs, Fields of Glory.


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Signs state which areas are prohibited to which teams.

Fields of Glory consists of two teams, Team RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and Team CMY (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.) Each team has their own castle, with both castles being identical to and mirroring one another. Each castle has three Fleecy Box rooms that contain the wool of the opposite team (i.e. Team RGB's castle contains the wool for Team CMY.) It is prohibited for a team to enter a Fleecy Box room unless the wool is for their team (i.e. Team RGB cannot enter the Fleecy Box rooms for Team CMY,) and it is also prohibited to enter the Victory Monument area of the opposing team. To enter the Fleecy Box room or Victory Monument area of an opposing team is an automatic disqualification. All other areas are fair game. It is also illegal to bridge in to the void. The first team to successfully storm the opposite team's castle and transport all three wool to the monument is the victor.


So far, only one map of this type has been made by Vechs, Fields of Glory, made in late 2011. Vechs will most likely never revisit this map type.

  • Capture the Wool #01 - Fields of Glory

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