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Castle Acedia

Castle Acedia is the Orange wool dungeon of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Castle Acedia is mainly made of regular bricks. It has a bedrock roof covered in glass, and it hangs onto the top of the pit by using soul sand. Inside, bricks are used as the foor, and double stone slabs are used as a pathway. There are bedrock rooms shaped like anvils in each corner of the castle, and they contain spawners. The room in the centre is an art gallery, and in here is a staircase leading to the basement, where the bedroom and storage room can be found. The wool is found in the storage room. There are also cobwebs, showing that this castle is old.


This castle was once owned by the Lord Acedia. He build his castle high above a giant pit leading down into lava. He wasn't planning to be leaving the castle at all. Eventually, after he became very old, he regretted this choice, feeling he should have spent more time outside the castle, but was unable to do anything by this time.

Points of Interest


  • Orange Wool


  • A chest containing 9 more chests.


  • The cobwebs can provide string for bows.


  • Spawners (4 zombie and 4 skeleton) are found in the bedrock anvils found in each corner.
  • The entrance tunnel is filled with cobwebs and soul sand. One of the cobwebs, when removed, will trigger a TNT trap.

Leads to...


  • The castle is one of the three castles in Legendary named after 7 deadly sins - Acedia means sloth in latin. The stories written on signs in these areas are related to these sins as well.

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