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Castle Invidia

Castle Invidia is the Yellow Wool dungeon of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Castle Invidia is one of the three castle-themed dungeons in Legendary. It is a pyramid made of moss stone with an awkwardly built tower up to the bedrock room at the top of the cave.


Castle Invidia was once owned by Invidia, a wealthy merchant. Invidia had a selfish personality, as she wanted whatever other lords had. She invested in the cavern and the materials to build her castle, but despite her wealth, could not afford to finish it. The workers tried to convince her that the castle was still good, but she dismissed them and decided to finish it herself, and to make it better than any other lord or lady owned. She gathered as many resources as possible, then climbed up to the top of the cavern, where she continued work on the project, even though she had no building experience. Once she was trapped in her own building, she realised she had forgotten to bring any food or water.

Points of Interest


  • Yellow Wool


  • A chest containing rail supplies and 9 stacks of bedrock.


  • Vast quantities of Glowstone can be harvested from the edges and ceiling of the cavern.


  • Creeper spawners inside the upper chamber.
  • The path up to Invidia's room is very treacherous.
  • The steps up the pyramid are two blocks high, so mobs can easily get high ground and knock players down until they are in the lava.
  • Below the lava is void, so if players fall in fast enough, they will go through the lava.
  • The small sand platform at the entrance to the cavern is floating and will fall into the lava if disturbed.
  • The tunnel leading to the dungeon contains a large cluster of Creeper spawners in the floor, marked with smooth stone amidst the stone slabs.


  • Since the mobs almost constantly have higher ground on the outside of the pyramid, a relatively simple way to get to the top is simply digging into it and making a way through the inside. Once the players are on top, lighting up the outside of pyramid from the top-down is almost trivial.

Leads to...


  • The castle is one of the three castles in Legendary named after 7 deadly sins - Invidia means envy in latin. The stories written on signs in these areas are related to these sins as well.

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