Castle Ira
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Starbright Cavern


Merciless Magma Zone

Castle Ira is the Grey Wool area of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Castle Ira is the third and final castle dungeon in the map. The cavern it is located in is made up of bedrock with lava at the bottom and a narrow walkway of glass. The castle proper is made of bedrock and stone, with a ring of cobwebs around it. Inside the walls is the courtyard, where the building's entrance is accessable. The ground floor of the building contains many spawners, as does the top floor. The top floor is only accessed by pillar jumping or any other form of vertical travel. The wool chest is located in a small bedrock room blocked off by glass and brick.


The Lord of Castle Ira was always an ornery and odious man. He had two sons, who constantly argued over who would inherit the castle. Their bickering vexed Lord Ira greatly, and one day he flew in to a rage and slew both his sons. He immediately saw the folly of his volatile passions, but it was too late, the damage was done. He died a bitter man with no heirs to inherit his castle. Now only despair and regret haunt these dark hallways.

Points of Interest


  • Grey Wool


  • 5 random loot chests


  • Zombie spawners
  • Skeleton spawners
  • Creeper spawners
  • Ghast spawners
  • Lava


  • The ghast spawners are not functional due to them being too close to the ceiling, so do not worry about disabling them

Leads to...


  • The castle is one of the three castles in Legendary named after 7 deadly sins - Ira means wrath in latin. The stories written on signs in these areas are related to these sins as well.

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