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Cavern of Last Respite

The Cavern of Last Respite is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Cavern of Last Respite is a giant vertical cavern made primarly out of obsidian, decorated by blocks of redstone and diamond ore. It has a railway coming from Camp Ember going all the way up to the top where a Soarean Sign-Off Shelter is located. Opposite the shelter is a crafting table, furnace, chest and a fake fleecy box. The rails in here are not on any blocks and lead to the void, and the fleecy box is made to distract the player. On the intersection of the rails in a lever and, when pressed, turns the rails toward the Vexian Gallery. Behind the Sign-Off Shelter is a tunnel back to Camp Ember, with a sign telling the player how to quickly come back to this area.

Points of Interest



  • Diamond ore
  • Redstone blocks


  • There is a trap in the shelter under the rails that causes the player to fall into the void. The fake fleecy box is to lure them in.


Leads to...

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