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Caves of Confusion

Caves of Confusion is an area in Legendary , a CTM map by Vechs.


Caves of Confusion is a large set of caverns that branch off constantly. The dungeon is designed to confuse players by sending them back to the start constantly and not having a wool. The caverns have cobwebs and spawners everywhere, and there are occasional holes of lava. Somewhere high up in the dungeon is a cavern containing mushrooms and is well lit.

Points of Interest


  • Mushrooms
  • Cobwebs for string


  • Zombie Spawners
  • Large amount of cobwebs
  • The dungeon can be hard to navigate
  • It isn't clear that there is no wool here, so players may come back here often


  • Use torches to mark areas that have been explored.
  • Follow this path :
  • take first turn right
  • there is a drop - get down
  • go forward the cave (there is only one path in this moment)
  • at the end you need to climb up and again go straight forward (this part is shown on the photo)
  • turn right again near the lava pits
  • there is a big drop down at the end of this "corridor" and a hole above it - go into it
  • there are two drops there - one to the right and one to the left - take the right one
  • get at the bottom of this drop (sand on the floor)
  • in this part you will need to climb few times, pass a few spawners but you can't get lost anymore - there is only one path leading right to the Intersection 3

Leads to...

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