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Citadel of Demons

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Citadel of Demons

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The Last Cavern

Citadel of Demons is the Red Wool dungeon of Kaizo Caverns , a CTM map by Vechs.


Citadel of Demons is located at the end of Planar Warp, near the fleecy box. The entrance is at the end of a large room with gravel floating above the floor. The next room is another box, with a lava stream in the middle. After this, players will enter another, larger, fortress-like room with a large amount of monster spawners. The fourth room has two giant Creeper statues, with 5 doors at the back shaped like a creeper face. The players have to enter either opening shaped like the eye. The fifth room is a huge cavern mainly made up of diamond ore. The final room is another huge cavern, but this one has no floor. Instead, it hangs over the void. In the centre of the room, there is a bedrock island guarded by ghasts. Players have to navigate the wall in order to reach an obsidian bridge leading to the island. The red wool is located inside.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool
  • Diamond



  • Coal ore inside the creeper statues.
  • Diamond ore in fifth room.


  • Bring the black wool back to either the intersection or victory monument before entering the dungeon.
  • Mine as much diamond as possible in the fifth room.
  • Make a base in the corridor to the final room, store everything valuable in a chest, and sleep. Prepare for a lot of deaths by having a lot of diamond ready for armor and a sword.
  • Alternatively, you can also brew fire resistance potions (from the nether citadel), and make a good armor to a fast assault. Into the tunnel to the last room, go as near to the center as you can (but try to not activate the ghast spawners) pillar up to the roof of the room (you should pass trough the wall), drink your potions, and ender pearl to the center. Take the wool and ender pearl to the edges of the cavern as fast as you can. Then just join the tunnel avoiding the fireballs.


  • In the wall of the last cavern there is a small room with a single block of grass in the center, this was used for the mastery monument when it was still in the map.


Leads to...

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