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Codewarrior the Instignator

Codewarrior the Instigator is a boss mob in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Codewarrior the Instigator is dedicated to Codewarrior, the creator of MCEdit, which Vechs uses as a primary tool for mapmaking. Codewarrior is a skeleton that uses a Flame IV bow called bow.schematic, and wears purple leather armor. It wears a skeleton skull on its head which must be harvested in order to complete the Hunter Monument at The Hallowed Overlook.


  • Head of Codewarrior the Instigator
  • chest.armor
  • legs.armor
  • feets.armor
  • bow.schematic


  • Codewarrior can be killed in three hits with a normal diamond sword if at least two hits are critical.

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