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Cold Cave

Cold Cave is the Light Blue Wool Dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Cold Cave is a cavern made entirely out of snow blocks. The cave contains a bottomless pit into the void that is hidden by snow. Players are indirectly warned about this at the entrance, when they will fall through snow onto the floor below. Deep into the cave is coal ore and the fleecy box.

Points of Interest


  • Light Blue Wool


  • Stone Tools and Food - Low


  • Coal Ore


  • There is a void pit near the beginning of the dungeon, hidden by snow coverings, as well as a revealed void pit near the coal deposit
  • Creeper spawners near the fleecy box
  • Cave spider spawner near the coal


  • Dig any snow away to make sure it doesn't hide a pit into the void.

Leads to...

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