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You want a better picture? Go in there yourself.

Creepier Creeper Castle is the sixth dungeon of Super Hostile Online, an MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs.


Creepier Creeper Castle is the third and final dungeon in a set dedicated to Infernal Sky II, and is loosely based on Creepy Creeper Castle. Unlike the dungeon its based on, this floor is exceptionally challenging. The castle is a series of towers and bridges made mainly of bone blocks, coal blocks and slime blocks. It is littered with spawners that generate customized creepers to quickly drain the players health bar. Even using a shield does not guarantee safety, as the blasts from the creepers can send the player hurling off the edge of the ramparts. This is the first dungeon to give dungeon coins as a reward, granting two once it has been beaten.

Points of Interest

Dungeon Coins

  • 2 upon completion


  • Creepers effected with Speed
  • Invisible Creepers effected with Poison, which will release a poisonous cloud if they explode
  • Lava below the castle
  • Gap in the barrier block path before the exit

Leads to...

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