Crypt of the Forgotten Royals

The Crypt of the Forgotten Royals

The Crypt of the Forgotten Royals is an area in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Crypt of the Forgotten Royals is a stone maze that leads to four burial crypts, the Warrior King, the Jester Prince, the Covetous Princess and the Forgotten Queen. Each crypt contains iron and/or gold blocks, and three of them contain wool. Each crypt has its own theme and unique hazards.

Points of Interest

2015-07-29 17.43.27

The Crypt of the Covetous Princess

Victory Monument

  • Cyan Wool
  • Purple Wool
  • Light Grey Wool


  • Random Loot Chests
  • Chests with diamond tools, weapons and armor


  • Stone, lava, obsidian, grass and TNT
  • Iron and gold blocks


  • Lava
  • TNT traps
  • Gravel trap
  • General mob spawners


  • Using a water bucket in the Warrior King's crypt will eliminate the risk of falling in to lava
  • Creating a fully enclosed pathway from the entrance of the Covetous Princess' crypt to the loot chest will keep the player safe from the gravel trap. You can also place blocks below the gravel on the ceiling surrounding the pillar of gravel that is on the loot chest, so that the gravel will not fall
  • When in the Jester's tomb, watch your step as there are plenty of TNT traps

Leads to...

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