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Dance Above the Flame is a name given to a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The dungeon is in shape of a rectangular room, and is made entirely out of bedrock. The whole floor is covered in lava. At first it resembles a parkour map, but there is no actual way of getting to the fleecy box without placing blocks. There are several bedrock ledges and pillars floating in mid-air near the beginning of this dungeon. After that, there is a bedrock wall, with the only opening being on the bottom right. After the first wall, there is another wall, this time the opening being on the left side and a bit higher. The final wall has an opening on the upper right hand side. From there it's just a few blocks away from the fleecy box.

Points of interest


  • The green wool


  • There is a single ghast spawner in the hole through the second bedrock wall
  • The whole floor is made out of lava, so be careful not to fall


  • The most common strategy is to use fire resistance potions and just swim through. This area was made pre 1.8 and therefore Vechs wasn't aware of this possible route of attack. Any other method of traveling is considering highly dangerous, as dealing with the ghasts and the lava almost always results in death.
  • A very easy way to deal with the lava is to pour water and just walk and pillar yourself to the Fleecy box. If this method is chosen, the only thing to worry about is the ghast spawner..

Leads to


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