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Dark Sky, Also known as "Night"

Dark Sky is the fourth dungeon floor of Super Hostile Online, an MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs.


Dark Sky is the first dungeon in a set dedicated to the Super Hostile map Infernal Sky II. It is a series of floating islands that are almost identical to Classic Sky. By stepping on pressure plates that grant Levitation for a few seconds, the player can float across treacherous gaps from island to island until they reach the exit. To assist with this, the player is given red carpet to be placed in their offhand slot. The carpet carries the Knockback Resistance attribute, which ensures that players can reach their destination without fear of being shot off course by skeletons or blasted off edges by Creepers.

Points of Interest



  • +1 Knockback Resistance Flying Carpet


  • Capped Mob Spawns
  • Lava below the islands

Leads to...


  • Unlock the Outpost so that you can easily return if you die; The Outpost is located in the same place as the White Wool in Classic Sky
  • Keep moving, hostiles will easily reach mob cap in this area