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Dinnerbone the Destroyer

Dinnerbone the Destroyer is a boss mob in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Dinnerbone the Destroyer is dedicated to Dinnerbone, a Mojang develepor who has one of many focuses to provide mapmakers such as Vechs tools to allow them to have more options. The boss wears black leather armor and uses a carrot with Sharpness III, Fire Aspect III and Knockback III. He has a speed buff, and the amount of damage required to kill him despite his armor makes a high level of resistance very obvious. The arena is surrounded by end stone spires, which contain spawners for enderman ghosts, which are invisible endermen, making the fight more dangerous. He drops the Head of Dinnerbone the Destroyer, an item required for the Hunter Monument at The Hallowed Overlook.


  • Head of Dinnerbone the Destroyer
  • Chest Bone (Protection III)
  • Leg Bone (Protection III)
  • Feets Bone (Feather Falling IV)
  • Dinnerbunny's Carrot (Sharpness III, Knockback III, Fire Aspect III)



  • Vechs nicknamed this mob "Dinnerbunny" in his developer commentary.

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