Direct Fire
Race for Wool Lanes
Direct Fire


2-4 Players




Beta 1.8.1


Previous Map

Hostilities Begin

Direct Fire is the second installment of the Race for Wool series, a multiplayer CTM series by Vechs. It was meant for teams of 2-4 players, though up to 9 players per team can be supported.


This map differs from its predecessor in that each lane is only 16 blocks wide, and in addition to having TNT detonators, it also has several powerful TNT cannons of varying size and strength. Other than that, the general format, goal and rules are the same. Each lane is identical, the objective is to find the three wool hidden in Fleecy Boxes throughout the map, and to leave your lane is an automatic disqualification. The first team to complete the monument is the winner of the round.


  • Starting Area (Victory Monument)

    One of the many TNT cannons found throughout the map

  • Fellowship Fortification (Green Wool)
  • Shoots and Ladders (Blue Wool)
  • Requested Pain (Red Wool)
  • Millbee Park
  • Practice Range

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