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Dismal Deep Darkness

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The "new" Final Dungeon.

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 17 A Relly Good Challenge31:32

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 17 A Relly Good Challenge

Vechs and Aureylian in Dismal Deep Darkness

Dismal Deep Darkness is the Red Wool Dungeon in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs. This dungeon has been changed since the original release of the map.


The dungeon is located deep under the ground, very close to the void. Dismal Deep Darkness is at first an undergrond cave system consisting of nothing but stone and diamonds, with a river flowing through it. This part of the dungeon features a Ghost mob, this one featuring a Boomer. After this is a ruins made out of mossy cobblestone, which leads to a section of the dungeon that is slightly similar to Super Happy Awesome Box of Fun from Legendary . In the middle of the room is a glass case the size of a fleecy box, which used to be where the red wool was in the original version of the map. This version has another room: a quartz platform over the void, with holes leading to certain death. The new red wool is located at the top of very exposed stairs.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool


  • Night vision and regeneration splash potions.


  • A large amount of diamonds in the first part of the dungeon.
  • Boomers drop Ghost XP and Blast Protection V golden boots.


  • Boomer spawners.
  • Four fun boxes in the second part of the dungeon.
  • Fun box at the corner of the corridor leading to the room with 4 fun boxes.
  • Lava at the bottom of the second part
  • The third part hangs over the void
  • Thorn Guard spawners
  • Tough Witch spawners
  • Large amounts of blaze spawners in the third part


Leads to...

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