One example of a dungeon

A Dungeon is an area in the Super Hostile map series or Super Hostile Online, as well as other CTM maps, that acts as one of the main challenges of the map and has a reward of some kind, usually wool found in a Fleecy Box. Most dungeons are based around survival and combat, though some like Pain Water are more puzzle and skill based in nature.

Survival Dungeon

Survival Dungeons are played in Survival Mode and are meant to challenge the player's resourcefulness and skill. Anything possible in normal Minecraft is applicable to these dungeons, unless it is banned by the map's rules. All dungeons in the Super Hostile series are Survival Dungeons. While Survival Dungeons were experimented with on Super Hostile Online, they have since been removed.

Single Wool Dungeons

A Single Wool Dungeon is simply a dungeon that contains only one wool as a reward towards or at the end.

Examples Include:

Multi Wool Dungeons

Multi Wool dungeons are less common and typically more complex than Single Wool Dungeons. They have at least two wool in the same area, with three being the most seen so far.

Examples Include:

Adventure Dungeon

Adventure Dungeons are utilized exclusively on Super Hostile Online and are played in Adventure Mode. This puts more restrictions on the player as they cannot place or break blocks. This eliminates tunneling and path making, as well as placing torches to disable mob spawns. Unlike Survival Dungeons, wool is not the objective of this dungeon type. Upon completion, a Loot Token is given to the player to redeem for a prize.

Examples Include:

Challenge Dungeon

A Challenge Dungeon is essentially the same as an Adventure Dungeon, with the only main difference being that players cannot bring their own gear. This eliminates whatever advantage a player's gear would normally give them in a standard Adventure Dungeon, and they are instead forced to make due with whatever materials the mapper makes available. Like a regular Adventure Dungeon, the objective is a Loot Token upon completion.

Examples Include:

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