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East Commons

East Commons is the Magenta Wool Dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


East Commons is a forest area with aged buildings. All of the structures are made of mossy cobblestone and the path is broken. There is a TNT trap in the town that will destroy one of the buildings and probably kill the players who aren't careful or have their sound turned down. There is a ruin near the town and another close to the railway going to the next intersection. As players advance, trees become much bigger and make the place darker.

Points of Interest


  • Magenta Wool


  • Vast quantities of Wood, Dirt, and Clay
  • Tall grass which can be harvested for Wheat Seeds
  • Sugar Cane placed directly on dry dirt (will instantly collapse if updated)
  • Small pockets of Stone and Coal underground


  • Scattered loot chests, some containing randomized loot
  • Diamond sword, axe, and shovel


  • The forest can become so dark that mobs will spawn regardless of the time of day.
  • Spawners in both of the ruins and some houses.
  • Several sections of the sand "roads" between the buildings are floating over lava and will collapse if they are disturbed (e.g. by placing a torch).
  • There is a large TNT trap beneath the building next to the "general store"; normally, it is triggered by disturbing the chest inside, but it may also go off randomly as the player approaches the bridge. The explosion will likely make holes into the Void.
  • The "wheat farm" ruin (glass roof, brick base, and dirt/water inside) also has a TNT trap beneath it, triggered by attempting to take the dirt blocks inside.
  • One of the ruined buildings contains a ladder leading down to a small mineshaft containing Stone and Coal deposits, a furnace, a crafting bench, and a loot chest. Attempting to collect the furnace will trigger a TNT trap that will likely kill the player and destroy some of the stone.
  • Several Fun boxes buried underground and spread through whole location


  • It isn't worth going into the moss stone fortress to the east, as it is filled with funboxes (with some harvestable stone) and contains only a stick for loot.
  • Turn sound all the way up when in the town so the TNT can be heard being activated (but turn down before it explodes)
  • The water inside the "wheat farm" ruin can potentially be redirected toward the adjacent lava pit in order to create a cobblestone generator.

Leads to...


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