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Eastern Commons

Eastern Commons, or East Commons, is the wilderness area of Super Hostile Online, a MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs.


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Eastern Commons is a vast series of three connected islands. Each island is lush and green, covered with grass, flowers and towering trees. The whole area in general has many secrets scattered about its vast landscape. The main island has warps to all of the dungeons except the first three. It is also home to a Shrine and three defensible outposts. As such, the main island is where most players will do the majority of their exploring and hunting.

The secondary island has the warp to the first three dungeons. It is connected to the main island by an expansive clay flat, and is accessed by a perilous tunnel in its northern cliff face, leading up to the surface of its plateau. Near the warp to the dungeon, remnants of old houses can be found, taken from the first iteration of SHO. Beyond these, a second Shrine can be found.

The tertiary island is where the Dojo can be located. It is connected to the main island by a bridge. To access the bridge, the player must first venture in to a small cave. Beyond the bridge is a series of ruins that lead the player to the top of the island. The Dojo is located on the highest peak of this island.

Points of Interest


  • East Watch
  • Cliffside Watch
  • Fish Watch



  • The single Dojo offers an enchanted wooden sword, a full set of leather armor and 50 experience bottles

Leads to...


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