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End of Sanity

End of Sanity is an area in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


End of Sanity is the first section of the Nether that players will be in. They will spawn by the portal in a safe room of glowstone, with iron doors. Outside is an obsidian bridge leading to a platform with many Skeleton spawners and mob-controlled dispensers. There are also Netherack islands with gold ore, similar to the obsidian islands with iron ore in Merciless Magma Zone, but these are less flat. There is an obsidian and glowstone bridge going to Intersection 5.

Points of Interest


  • Gold ore


  • 27 Flint and Steels
  • The Dispensers hold a total of 18 full stacks of arrows


  • Skeleton spawners
  • Mob-controlled dispensers
  • Potential ghasts


Leads to...


  • Many of the spawners here are, in fact, inoperable - back in Beta 1.7.3, they spawned Humans (which behaved mostly the same as Zombies but made the Player's "oof!" noise when injured), and a pair of signs on the path to Intersection 5 suggested that these were the souls of players who failed to complete the map. In Minecraft 1.2.5, these spawners are empty and do not produce any mobs, serving solely as a distraction from the nearby Skeleton spawners.

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