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Eternal Tears

Eternal Tears is the Magenta Wool Dungeon in Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Eternal Tears is a number of bedrock stalactites that are coming from the bedrock ceiling of the map. The only way to reach the wool in this dungeon is by a large amount of bridging. Ghast spawners are visible in the sides of these stalactites. Close to the fleecy box, glowstone can be seen, which is to show the opening of a cave. This cave has a long fall into a room full of blocks of gold.

Points of Interest


  • Magenta Wool
  • Blocks of Gold


  • Blocks of Gold


  • Stone tools and food (high)


  • Ghast spawners on the stalactites
  • There is no floor, so falling results in a death by falling into the void.
  • Creeper Spawner at the bottom of a deep hole, leading to the gold.


  • Bridging is the only way to the wool in this dungeon. Bring plenty of stone blocks so the ghasts can't destroy any bridges built.

Leads to...

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