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Face of Evil

Face of Evil is the final dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance to Face of Evil is a human skull with bat wings, but can also be seen as a giant spider. The entire dungeon is made of bedrock. The first challenge is to walk across a chequered room, one block being bedrock and the other a pit into lava. After this, players have to walk around multiple bedrock walls. After this is a huge pit into the void, with the chest containing the red wool (not a stick) floating in the middle. On the other side of the room are mob-controlled dispensers, which will try to shoot approaching players into the void. Behind the dispensers is a lava pit, and a very high vertical shaft. At the top is a chest containing the black wool, as well as other loot, but there is gravel on top which, when destroyed or moved, will update other gravel and cause it to fall. However, it is not a trap, it will only cause more gravel to fall, revealing a troll face.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool
  • Black Wool (Only one)


  • The black wool chest also contains a diamond sword, diamond armor, a bow, two stacks of arrows, and two golden apples.


  • Potential ghasts
  • Mob controlled dispensers which can send players into lava
  • General Mob spawners
  • Railway back to victory monument ends in deadly drop


  • Bring lots of blocks with you, including generous amounts of glowstone. Pistons may help, but they are not strictly necessary.
  • A lava bucket is very handy for disabling large groups of spawners at once, especially the ones powering the arrow turrets.
  • If you play in later versions of Minecraft, you will have to contend with large quantities of wither skeletons.
  • The troll face "trap" can be safely defused by simply placing a block behind the chest to hold the gravel up while you remove the block on top of it.

Leads to...


  • This is the only dungeon in the map with two wool.
  • Vechs did not know at the time the troll face was a copyrighted image, whose owner was actively suing copyright infringers.


  • The final chamber, containing the black wool, is surrounded by empty rooms intended to divert mob spawns (which might otherwise cause the troll face to be revealed early). However, these "diversion chambers" are nonfunctional as of Minecraft 1.2.1 (because mobs can no longer spawn on bedrock), so most people playing the modern version of this map can expect the troll face to be revealed ahead of time.

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