Some Flamevenom Spiders, in their natural habitat.

Flamevenom Spiders are custom spiders that are both fireproof and can set players on fire. They are easy to spot, as they are both on fire and have fire-resistance particles floating around them. They drop some very useful loot:

  • Chipped Flamevenom Fang (Sharpness I, Fire Aspect I, Unbreaking V stone sword)
  • Perfect Flamevenom Fang (Sharpness II, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking X stone sword)
  • Flamevenom Chitin (leather)
  • Flamevenom Scale (Fire Protection II book)
  • Flamevenom XP (bottles of enchanting)

The Chipped fangs are best used for breaking cobwebs - they can also be combined together in the crafting grid to make undamaged Stone swords, which can then be used at an Anvil to repair Perfect fangs to full durability.


Inferno Mines

Sunburn Islands

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