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Forestman is the Light Grey wool dungeon/area in Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Forestmen is the only area in the map to provide players with trees, and this area contains a lot of big trees. Right in front of the entrance is a small ruin, but doesn't contain anything. There two other ruins in the area, and they are both dungeons.(Ruined Tower and Dungeon Bunkerstein) Giant Mushrooms are also present near the centre.

Points of Interest


  • Light Grey Wool


  • Very large trees (Oak, birch and spruce)
    • This means a lot of wood and saplings.
  • Giant mushrooms, both red and brown.
  • Small glowstone pillars
  • A single water source block at the base of a very tall glowstone pillar


  • A chest at the entrance containing a sign, leather pants and a torch


  • Enderman spawners in the ground
  • Cave spider spawners in the trees


Forestman is not that difficult of an area, due to the lack of many monsters (besides endermen). Gather as much wood and saplings as possible, then head to the largest tree in which a fleecy box can be seen in the branches. Be careful near this fleecy box, as there are cave spider spawners in the tree and numerous silverfish blocks above the fleecy box itself.

Leads to...

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