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Forlorn Rest

Forlorn Rest is the Brown Wool dungeon of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs. As with most Brown Wool dungeons, this one is very easy and is intended as a joke.


Forlorn Rest is a very small graveyard with a total of 16 graves. Most of these are empty, however the 6 surrounded by the the fence will set off a TNT trap, and the grave with dead shrubs surrounding it in a circle is deep enough to kill the players, however the chest containing the brown wool is located inside, and is within reach from the surface.

Points of Interest


  • Brown Wool


  • The 6 graves surrounded by fencing will set off a TNT trap if any of the sand or gravel within is updated (i.e. mined).
  • The grave containing the brown wool is deep enough to kill players.


  • As a brown wool dungeon, this is very easy. Simply go to the grave surrounded by shrubs, dig away the gravel without standing on it, then mine away the sand preventing the chest from opening and take the wool.

Leads to...

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