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Frozen Venom is the Cyan Wool dungeon on Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs.


Frozen Venom is a dungeon that is made primarily of snow, ice, and gravel. The main threats when taking on this dungeon are the proximity detectors, which destroy parts of the floor and can cause the ceiling to collapse on the player. Misplacement of torches can also be an issue, as it can cause some of the ice pillars to melt, making the area difficult to traverse.

Points of Interest


  • Cyan Wool
  • Chapter 14



  • Gravel patches contain proximity detectors that explode when a player gets near, destroying some of the floor and causing the ceiling of gravel to collapse in some places.
  • Cave spider spawners close to the fleecy box
  • Weak melee skeleton spawner guarding the fleecy box
  • Charged creeper spawner guarding the fleecy box


  • Whenever you see a large gravel patch, run over it and then run away!
  • The ice pillars can serve as a great shield from the tnt explosions.
  • Make sure that you have a lot of blocks ready to use. Some of the explosions make holes that can block the path onward.

Leads to...

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