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The Three Ghosts

Ghost Mobs are invisible custom mobs that each use different forms of attack and each have different methods of identification. The types of Ghosts are Char, Wraith and Boomers. Every ghost drops ectoplasm, Ghost XP and a pair of golden boots which protects players from their attack types.


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Chars are the Zombie ghost mobs. The Chars are invisible zombies that attack the player by melee and setting them on fire. They can be identified by their flames. The attack using the item, Fire, but do not ever drop it. They drop ectoplasm, Ghost XP and Fire Protection V golden boots, which can be worn to make Chars less dangerous, as their fires extinguish quicker. In Inferno Mines, they are only located in the second part of The Blackened Archive with the other Ghosts. In Sunburn Islands, they appear in The Haunted Mines with the other Ghosts, and in Netherstorm Citadel as the only type of Ghost present.


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Wraiths are the Skeleton ghost mobs. The Wraiths are invisible skeletons that attack the player by range. Their bows have Punch I, causing their arrows to knock targets back further than normal, as well as Infinity I, which only benefits the player. While their attack is strong, the main threat is the Punch, which can send players into another type of ghost, or knocking them into lava or the void. Otherwise they are merely a pain to deal with. They also wear Wraith boots, which are golden boots with Projectile Protection V, making them less dangerous to fight. In Inferno Mines, they are located in Lower Mines, Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern, Wilhelm Cliffs, The Outer Inferno and The Blackened Archive, making them one of the most abundant mobs in the map. In Sunburn Islands, they are located in Haunted Mines and Ghost Fleet.


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Boomers are the Creeper ghost mobs. The Boomers attack the player by explosions. Unlike normal creepers, these creepers are set to blow up as soon as they are within range of the player. They are also charged, so are more powerful. The forcefield is also how they can be identified. If the player is wearing inadequetly enchanted Chain armor or worse, the explosion will usually be an instant kill. Boomers drop Boomer Boots, which have Blast Protection V enchanted on them, making them less dangerous to fight. In Inferno Mines, they are located in Flame Warp, Nameless Resource Area, The Outer Inferno and the boss room of The Blackened Archive. In Sunburn Islands, they are located in Haunted Mines and Dismal Deep Darkness.


  • The golden boots dropped by ghosts should be worn when fighting these mobs (Fight Chars with Char Boots after they are obtained).
  • Boomers should never be attacked in melee, as they blow up instantly once in range.
  • Water should be used when fighting Chars if their boots are not yet obtained or no longer available.
  • In the Haunted Mines, it's a good idea to use either Char or Boomer Boots, as the Wraiths are very close to both of these ghosts and can easily knock players into them.
  • Of course, any enchanted armor piece works, but the ghost boots are special as they exceed the normal Protection Level limit of IV.