Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern
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Light Gray




Flame Warp


Salire Castle

Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern is the Light Gray Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern is dedicated to Zisteau, one of the Super Hostile LPers. The dungeon is made to be similar to Zisteau's build style, with curved edges and bricks. There are three main sections to this dungeon: Bacon Workshops Ltd, Totally Legit Pig Temple and Porcine Lair. The Bacon Workshops Ltd contains a large amount of random loot chests, guarded by Zistykin Spawners. The floor is filled with primed TNT, which prevents the player from tunneling. The Pig Temple has the bow Death Sentence, which is guarded by a Zistykin and Charged Creeper spawner. There is also primed TNT on the floor. Finally, the Porcine Lair is home to many Zistykins and the Light Gray Wool. A fleecy box is visible in a dome to the left, but this has a stick, as the explosion from Bacon Workshops Ltd can destroy the fleecy box. The real Fleecy Box is in the dome straight from the entrance, protected by bedrock and three Zistykin spawners. As a decoration, the dungeon also features the Fountain of the Lava Expert.

Points of Interest


  • Light Gray Wool



  • Zistykin Spawners
  • Charged Creeper Spawner
  • Primed TNT in Bacon Workshops Ltd and the Pig Temple


Ep14 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Totally Legit Pig Temple and Bacon Workshops Ltd)30:59

Ep14 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Totally Legit Pig Temple and Bacon Workshops Ltd)

Vechs in Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern

Walk along the brick slab path until you reach the brick and glass spheres. Approach the spheres carefully and block them off, then climb on top of them and destroy the spawners from above using TNT. Rushing the spawners with a Power Miner is not recommended unless you have really strong gear, as the Zistykins spawn quickly and do huge amounts of damage.


  • According to Vechs in his dev com, this was originally to be called "Giant Dumb-*** Zisteau Cavern" (coined by Zisteau himself in Episode 44 of his Legendary playthrough), but he did not want to have that kind of profanity in his map.
  • There used to be invisible pigmen in this area.
  • Vechs broke away from his traditional blocky build style in order to emulate Zisteau's curvy style.

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