Daisy's House
Daisy's House

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Gift is classified as a mini-hostile, marking the first Vechs map created for the author Andi Buchanan to accompany her book of the same name. (The second being 'Waking Up: a Super Hostile map' released by Vechs later that same year.)

GiftWarped is a harder variant of Gift, featuring many more spawners and very little artificial lighting.


Upon loading the map for the first time, the player spawns within the town of Pacific Breeze. From there, using rail and road, they may find and explore the towns of Castle Creek and Coronado in order to gather resources, loot chests, and find monument blocks. Aside from natural spawns, the player faces few hostilities in the Overworld. However, upon entering the End, and moreover the Nether, the difficulty is vamped up considerably; now being challenged with numerous spawners and precarious drops.

Being an open-world map, Gift grants the player access to a wider area than what is typical for a Vechs Super Hostile map. As such, the player is free to gather stone and the occasional resource. Despite this, much of the map remains unused; all of the wool can be found by following the fun path, and most resource generation has been nerfed.



  • Pacific Breeze (White Wool)
    • Pacific Breeze
    • Basketball Court
    • Class 500
    • Cafeteria
    • Fakeburger
    • Stone House
    • Danielle's House
    • Gray Wool Dungeon
    • Club Eclipse
    • Cyan Wool Dungeon
    • C.C. Medical Center - The Nether
    • Stone House - The Nether
    • Brown Wool Dungeon
    • Green Wool Dungeon
    • SuperMart - The Nether
    • Basketball Court - The Nether
  • Basketball Court - Overworld (Orange Wool)
  • Class 500 - Overworld (Magenta Wool)
  • Cafeteria - Overworld (Light-blue Wool)
  • Fakeburger - Overworld (Yellow Wool)
  • Stone House - Overworld (Lime Wool)
  • Danielle's House - Overworld (Pink Wool)
  • Gray Wool Dungeon
  • Club Eclipse - Overworld (Light-gray Wool)
  • Cyan Wool Dungeon
  • C.C. Medical Center - The Nether (Purple Wool)
  • Stone House - The Nether (Blue Wool)
  • Brown Wool Dungeon
  • Green Wool Dungeon
  • SuperMart - The Nether (Red Wool)
  • Basketball Court - The Nether (Black Wool)


  • The player should try to make as many torches as possible, and light up any dark areas (during the day time) that they come across. In doing so, natural spawns will be reduced, and the player will have an easier time in the Overworld. Note: charcoal can be made from the abundant log supply, and a steady source of coal can be found in the End.
  • The player should try to sleep whenever possible. This will minimise hostile mob spawns.