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Grave of the Dragon

Grave of the Dragon is a dungeon in Kaizo Caverns, a CTM map by Vechs.


Grave of the Dragon is set in a large lava cave with a dragon made of obsidian in the centre. The fleecy box can be seen almost immediately, in the stomach of the dragon. The players can reach this very easily, as the dragon isn't high up in the cavern, however it is flying above the lava. This area was made for looks rather than difficulty, as it isn't very hard, despite being a green wool area.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool



  • The players can get water in Ilvern Ruins , and can use it here to get across the lava.
  • Entering the head is advisable, as shelter from the blazes guarding the fleecy box. There is a hole at the back with can be used to reach the fleecy box more easily (water should still be used).
  • Going on top of the dragon is a more dangerous but faster method.
  • A potion of fire resistance can be very useful, these can be accessible from the Nether dungeon hidden in the path to Cavern of Sky .

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