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Green Wool Mountain

This is the Green Wool Dungeon of Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Green Wool Dungeon is, unlike many others in Lethamyr, not located in an underground structure/cave system. Instead, it is simply a fleecy box hidden at the top of a snowcapped mountain. The main challenge here is to locate the mountain, and to know it has the wool. While the Fleecy box is not open and obvious, it is visible from some angles. The mountain is made of dirt, stone and cobblestone, with snow blocks at the top.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool


  • Digging is essential here, unless players are willing to take the effort to jump up, as there is no easy stairway up. It is recommended to climb the dungeon during the day ; as skeletons may knock the player off , causing fall damage.

Leads to...

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