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Grove of the Dark Willows

Grove of the Dark Willows is the Yellow and Lime Wool dungeon of Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs.


Grove of the Dark Willows is a large cavern covered in vines and populated by trees. The cave is slightly lit up so that players are able to see, while mobs can still spawn. There are lakes found in the ground and two waterfalls coming from an island at the top of the cavern. These waterfalls are formed by a stream of water coming from the ceiling. Should the player swim up this water stream, as suggested by a sign next to a Diving Helmet, they will find a large room filled with mushrooms and the Yellow Wool. The Lime Wool is located at the end of the cavern, under a tree.

Points of Interest


  • Yellow Wool
  • Lime Wool


  • Goldsander, Bane of Death
  • Diving Helmet


  • Red and brown mushrooms


Leads to...

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