Hane's Disgrace
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Lush Ruins


Mellow Cavern

Hane's Disgrace is the Lime Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Hane's Disgrace is a large Mining Center made of two parts: The Mining Platform made of stone bricks and minecarts with chests above a gigantic lava lake & the mines where gold is found. The entrance to the dungeon takes the player directly to the Mining Platform after reading a Note from Jeff. The first part is populated with a lot of Chest Minecarts containing random loot. The second part is inside the glass walls of the dungeon. The Fleecy Box is guarded by Invisible Cave Spiders, FlameVenom Spiders and Spider Jockeys.

Points of Interest


  • Lime Green Wool
  • Gold Ore


  • Flamevenom Spider spawner
  • Blaze spawner (with long pre-spawn delay to ambush the player)
  • Invisible Cave Spider spawners
  • Spider Jockey spawner


  • 62 Random Loot Chests, a majority of which are in minecarts
    • Among the loot, 3 diamond helms, 1 diamond chestplate, 2 diamond leggings, and 2 diamond boots
  • Pausian Poison Bomb Kit (27 stacks of 64 splash potions of Poison)
  • Enchanted Golden Armor (Protection 2) & Enchanted Golden Axe (Bane Of Athropods X, Unbreaking I), plus a raw fish enchanted with Unbreaking I



Ep06 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Hane's Disgrace - Lime Wool)01:02:55

Ep06 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Hane's Disgrace - Lime Wool)

Vechs in Hane's Disgrace

First, clear the platform so that you won't be disturbed by monsters blocking your escape. Take the rail that is on the opposite side of the entrance. It will take you to a higher platform, where all the minecart chests are. Grab as much loot as you can, it can help you fight the loads of monsters that are in the mines. Next go to the pathway that will take you to the other side of the glass wall. Fight the monsters while going down in the mines, all the way to the fleecy box. Grab the wool (I recommend digging in the wall or ender pearling to the fleecy box) and ender pearl back up to the entrance.(Or just turn back and go all the way back to the entrance.)

Leads to...


  • On one of the side walls down near the lava floor, there is a spire of sandstone sticking out of the flush cut wall. This is simply an OCD trap for one of Vechs' friends Zisteau. There is even a sign on it to mock any one who tries to fix it.
  • This area was created in dedication to Joe Hills' "Rock Smasher" that he attempted to create on another Super Hostile map, Legendary

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