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Haunted Mines

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 04 She Doesn't Trust Me Any More24:12

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 04 She Doesn't Trust Me Any More

Vechs and Aureyian in Haunted Mines

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A 'Monster' mob from an old version of the map

Haunted Mines is the Orange Wool Dungeon in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs.


Haunted Mines is an underground mineshaft made of sandstone. There is a wood railway that bridges over the dungeon. The dungeon also has a large amount of coal and iron ore, so players should return here if they run out of resources. Although it was in an old version of the map, it is worth mentioning that there was also a special mob that is exclusive to Beta 1.7 and under, and was not even spawned normally, called a Monster. The Monster is a Steve skin that attacks players, and it's mostly to surprise players as Monsters are weak mobs. As of 1.5, this dungeon became much harder. Although the Monsters were removed, custom mobs from Inferno Mines were added, including 3 ghost mobs; Chars, Wraiths, and Boomers as well as Flamevenom Spiders.

Points of Interest


  • Orange Wool


  • A double chest containing wooden swords, webs, flint, bread, leather and other items.
  • A chest containing an iron sword, bow and 64 arrows.
  • A minecart chest containing stone picks, cookies, sticks, coal, iron ore and 2 music disks.
  • A chest containing gold picks, stone picks and leather.


  • Coal Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Both types of mushrooms
  • The Ghost mobs give enchanted golden boots that protect players from the way that mob attacks (E.g. Char give Fire Protection, Boomers give Blast Protection)


  • Boomer Spawner hidden by iron ore
  • Flamevenom Spiders Spawner in bedrock
  • Chars Spawner
  • Wraith Spawner
  • The old version of this map had spawners for a mob called a 'Monster' (Originally called 'Human') (See Overview)


  • Walk along the railway to get an idea of the dungeon's layout.
  • Build a bridge from the railway to the corridors in the middle and go to the fleecy box. Barricade way to the fleecy box, take wool and mine iron from the wall (right next to the fleecy box)

Leads to...

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