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Helix Caverns is the Lime Wool dungeon on Waking Up, a CTM map made by Vechs.


Helix Caverns is a large room that consists of several spiraling ribbons. Most of the spawners in here are silverfish, but these are not to be taken lightly as they can knock the player into lava or remove blocks from under them. There are large deposits of iron, gold, and coal in this area, as well as several power miners to mine them.

Points of Interest


  • Lime Wool
  • Chapter 11



  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Gold


  • Ethonian hyperspawners at the beginning, guarding the wool box, and on the path to Intersection 03.
  • Silverfish spawners on several of the ribbons
  • Cave spider spawners guarding the wool box and on the ribbons containing iron
  • Blaze spawners guarding the wool box

Leads to...

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