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Helix Depths

Helix Depths is the gray wool dungeon in Waking Up, a map by Vechs.


Helix Depths is a stronghold-like dungeon made primarily of cracked stone bricks. It is very close to y=0, so there is void fog. The primary mob types of this dungeon are zombies and creepers, although in the last room there are cave spiders and blazes, and some of the blocks are silverfish. The blocks below the floor are all lava, so players should be cautious. In one of the rooms is Dawnbringer, Paladin's Blade. In another room is Chapter 10.

Points of Interest


  • Gray Wool
  • Chapter 10



  • Creeper and Zombie spawners in first rooms
  • Cave spider and blaze spawners in final room
  • Silverfish blocks
  • Lava beneath floor


  • The player is able to see through void fog if their head is inside water. This can be used to scope out a room before attacking it.
  • The player can utilize the thin floor as crowd control by digging out a section to attack a horde at a safe distance, refilling the damage afterwards. "you fill the floor back in, you spleef it out, you fill it in; you fill it out, you spleef it in." -Vechs, Adorabolical Waking Up playthrough

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