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Hidden Leaf

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 15 Hi Guys Rellykins Here, With Vetches11:38

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 15 Hi Guys Rellykins Here, With Vetches

Vechs and Aureylian in Hidden Leaf

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Entrance to Hidden Leaf

Hidden Leaf is a dungeon in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs.


Hidden Leaf is a small set of hallways made up of mossy cobblestone. The dungeon is covered in leaves, which players have to break through in order to clear the dungeon. If players use fancy graphics, they can see through these leaves, providing them with an intended advantage. The leaves often hide wood. At the end of the dungeon is a chest containing five boats. One of these can be used for a 'Dynamic Exit' by placing it on the sea floor and riding it up to the surface of the ocean. This exit is faster than swimming up.

Points of Interest


  • Light Blue Wool


  • Wood
  • The leaves can drop saplings


  • Diamond hoe and 8 glowstone


  • There are a total of 5 spider spawners:
  1. In the first room after the ladder, to the left. It is behind a wall with a two block wide gap.
  2. In the second room behind a block of spruce wood, should be easy to see.
  3. Same place as 2.
  4. In a hole right next to the Fleecy Box.
  5. Same as 4.
  • Lava under the leaves after climbing down the ladder at the entrance.


  • Just a simple cave cleaning - bring and place torches, destroy spawners and kill any mobs spawned.
  • Don't destroy any of leave blocks from the floor after getting down with 1st ladder.

Leads to...

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